Acherontia atropos I [OOAK. Mixed media]. Dark doll, handmade doll, ooak doll, gothic doll


There is a world that our imagination materializes. Every creature that was rejected by an artist becomes an entity in that world. These are magical creatures, ghosts, witches that did not make it in the narrative of a novel or a preliminary sketch that did not attain physical form.
These creatures wander around that world that is constantly changing according to our imagination. Sometimes a few can cross-over to our world. They cause no harm but some have a scary outlook. They appear out of thin air only to be chased away by our fearful reactions. It is said that they attempt to find the minds that beget them. In most cases the imagination was incomplete, giving them an appearance but not a story or special attributes.
Once, one of these visits took place during Halloween, when we revel in horror-themed costumes and ornaments. On their return, the creatures informed the others that there is a special evening that the other world looks like theirs and it is safe to mingle among similar looking creatures.
Now that Halloween is almost upon us let’s entertain the possibility that we may come across one of them…


This is a mixed media project. Materials that have been used include acrylics, glitter, purple mohair/merino wool, Unryu undyed transluscent paper, soft pastels, ribbon trim.
Her face is sculpted out of paperclay.
She is one-of-a-kind, collectible art doll/ mixed media project, 100% handmade and no moulds were used.
She is painted with soft pastels and sealed with matte and gloss varnish.
Size: 20x20 cm.

All of my dolls are hand-sculpted, made out of of air-drying clay/ paperclay over a foil and wire armature. You might see a fingerprint here, a tiny paint or glue spot there - little imperfections, as in any handmade item.
Each one of them will be shipped to you with her own Certificate of Authenticity and a special leaflet with her picture, name and story.
Also, each one of my dolls is one of a kind and there is no possibility of re-creating them.
Once they dry, they are sanded thoroughly before being painted with acrylics and/or oil pastels and sealed with matte and/or gloss varnish.
Clothes and shoes are not removable.
Do NOT brush or pull hair.
These art dolls are destined for collecting, displaying or decorating purposes, they are not a toy.
Do handle them with care, as they are delicate.

Shipping worldwide is available (Registered Mail, tracking number is provided).
You can calculate expected time of arrival from the shipping date.
For worldwide shipping: at least 7-10 business days from shipping date.
Every art doll is carefully wrapped with love and care into a hard and steady box to ensure her safe journey!
Shipping price reflects the actual cost, but in case there is a variation, I will calculate and issue a refund with the difference in the amount.

Layaway options are available.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or further information.

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