F.A.Q. & Links

Frequently Asked Questions:

* Can I reserve a doll?

Yes :) Please contact me directly via e-mail (animaexmanus@gmail.com), PM on social links or website contact form.

 * Can I pay for a doll in instalments?

Yes. You can contact me directly for the layaway plan.

* Do you accept commissions/custom orders?

I do, but there is a limited number of spots. Please contact me directly and I will let you know if there is a spot available or when will there be one. Unfortunately, I won't be able to duplicate any doll, as all of my dolls are one-of-a-kind.

* I like your dolls, but I can’t afford one.  What other options do I have?

You can always buy one of my dolls in installments. However, I sometimes offer smaller, more affordable dolls, as well as other items such as ornaments and busts. 


* Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I ship internationally, with registered mail (by PostNord), providing a tracking number.

* How do you make your dolls? 

I make dolls of various sizes, with different degrees of detail and complexity, so they all require different techniques; it's quite hard to answer without lengthy instructions and photos. When I first started making dolls, I did my online research (and still do, occasionally!) on how to sculpt a head, the limbs, I read doll-making books, I tried different types of assemblage, different types of painting and hair...of course I had to experiment a lot. It's an endless roller coaster of trial and error. For me, there are no short-cuts when it comes to doll-making, which may be why I don't - and won't - make several dolls at a time or end up producing at a faster pace.

* What kind of clay do you use to sculpt your dolls?

I use almost exclusively air-dry paperclay. It’s quite time-consuming to work with, as it requires multiple layers, dryings and sandings (while polymer clays can be much easier, directly sculpted and baked in the oven, therefore less time-consuming). I love the texture and final result of paperclay, as I've found it allows for more expression.

* Do you use moulds to sculpt faces, hands, etc.?

No moulds are ever used. All of my dolls are 100% handmade and unique.